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  • Enjoy our flavors
  • Artisan olives
  • Shipments to all Spain

<transcy>SPICY RED ORANGE FLAVOR</transcy>
Aceitunas rojas Picantes sabor berenjena, pruébalas en www.aceitunasaragon.com
<transcy>SPICY RED ORANGE FLAVOR</transcy>
Aceitunas sabor berenjena Picantes, pruébalas en www.aceitunasaragon.com


Aceitunas L.Aragon

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Whole and spicy red olives.

-Whole olives with red and orange peppers. With a spicy touch, they are ideal to accompany a good drink. Recipe developed by the 2nd generation of the family

-This olive is packed with bags of 250g each and without liquid.

-All orders will be made on demand. It should be consumed preferably within a month from packaging.

-Your order will arrive in perfect condition, as we have worked for many years to find the ideal way to ship without any problems.

Availability of various formats

- Pack of 4 bags of 250g

-Pack of 8 bags of 250g

-Pack of 10 bags of 250g

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