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Aceitunas de Romero (Romaí) pruebalas en www.aceitunasaragon.com
Aceitunas Romaní, pruébalas en www.aceitunasaragon.com
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Aceitunas L.Aragon

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Rosemary soft split green olives, original recipe.

characteristics :

-Original Recipe created by Olives L. Aragon of 2nd generation family. Soft olives made with aromatic spices.

-This olive is packed with bags of 250g each and without liquid.

-All orders will be made on demand. It should be consumed preferably within a month from packaging.

-Your order will arrive in perfect condition, as we have worked for many years to find the ideal way to ship without any problems.

Availability of various formats

- Pack of 4 bags of 250g

-Pack of 8 bags of 250g

-Pack of 10 bags of 250g

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Mild Olives (Rosemary, Garlic, Lemon ...), Spicy with cayenne ...

Enjoy our great variety of Flavors !!!

Olives recipes with more than 50 years of tradition

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