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Sabor único en cada aceituna

Aceitunas de elaboración artesanal


OLIVES L.ARAGÓN is a family business with more than 50 years of experience in the production of olives and pickles. Since its inception in 1970, it has always maintained an important commitment to the most traditional methods of dressing and preparing its specialties.

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Mini Kimbos

Known almost throughout our territory, this variety comes mainly from the AC of Aragón, it stands out for being tender and a flavor very similar to oil. We also season it with garlic

Aceitunas Manzanilla Verdes Sabor Anchoa

This variety of olive is well known for being juicy and firm in texture, the best quality of this olive is having a small pit and a lot of meat. It is also known as sevillana and its main dressing is the anchovy flavor

aceitunas verdes aliñadas
aceitunas verdes aliñadas
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Aceitunas aliñadas artesanales: calidad a tu alcance

Nuestra tienda online ofrece aceitunas aliñadas de calidad artesanal. Como expertos en el campo, seleccionamos cuidadosamente las mejores aceitunas y las mezclamos con los aliños más frescos y sabrosos. Disfruta de una experiencia única con nuestro producto artesanal y sorprende a tus invitados con una deliciosa comida. ¡Prueba nuestras aceitunas aliñadas hoy mismo!


Pack de Aceitunas Artesanales

Pack de aceitunas aliñadas artesanales: sabor único para tus comidas

Este pack de aceitunas aliñadas artesanales ofrece una combinación perfecta de aceitunas frescas y aliños de calidad. Con su sabor único e intenso

¡Prueba nuestro producto artesanal y saboréalo!

Aceitunas verdes partidas con sabor a ajo suave

One of the varieties of olive best known for its exquisite oil. It has a slight bitter and herbal flavor, 100% natural.


we are the first company to offer a special and exclusive packaging for our products